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Powering up customer engagement: The era of hyper-personalization in energy

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The COVID-19 pandemic catapulted digitalization efforts across industries. Concurrently, utility service providers, in collaboration with government bodies, extended support to customers navigating pandemic-related challenges. While some reverted to traditional practices post-pandemic, Snohomish County Public Utility District (Snohomish PUD) chose a different path, emphasizing empathy and hyper-personalization in their approach.

The hyper-personalization advantage

Amidst technological advancements in the energy sector, Snohomish PUD recognizes the value of human connection. Derek Hermann, Senior Manager at Snohomish PUD, highlights the importance of shifting from a uniform approach to one rooted in hyper-personalization and empathy.

Unlike some of its counterparts that have reverted to conventional payment recovery methods, Snohomish PUD embraced a compassionate and tailored approach, setting an example for customer-centricity. Through its partnership with Symend and integrating technology with human expertise, the utility showcases a win-win strategy that not only resonates with customers but also drives business growth.

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