The world’s first and only Conscious Engagement solution.

Drive customer action, increase revenue and brand loyalty, through data and behavioral science.

Grow your business with Symend’s Conscious Engagement Solution

Understanding customer behaviors and motivations enable more effective engagement and more personal journeys. Treat people like people and adapting your communications to their changing needs.

Drive Engagement

Leverage psychology and human behavior to drive real, human-like connection.

Improve Loyalty

Treat customer like the individuals they are increase your reputation and referrals.

Increase Revenue

Use Conscious Engagement to increase cross sell, upsell and reduce churn and attrition.

Why leveraging human behavior, psychology and motivations matters


Up to 6X conversion for faster, higher conversion rates


91% audience engagement for faster, higher engagement rates


Up to 45% OpEx reduction for pre-emptive inbound call deflection

Increased loyalty & revenue

Reputation, referral & cross sell

Conscious Engagement combines science, technology and human expertise unlock customer actions

Data science

Symend leverages billions of rows of behavioral data to pre-determine how to best communicate with an audience in order to drive action and foster positive relationship.

100M+ High Value Conversations | 5B+ Behavioral Science-based Attribute

Behavioral science

Symend’s behavioral science-based archetypes are the foundation for ensuring messages use the right tone, behavioral tactic and psychological motivator to drive engagement and action.


Utilizing multi-channel engagement, the Symend platform learns through interaction and matches contacts to “next best actions” to get increasingly better and smarter over time.

Artificial Intelligence + Human Intelligence

Today’s brands win by putting the customer first


Having Symend as a trusted partner allowed us to continue to provide outstanding customer service and build stronger relationships with our customers”

Kim Vey, Director
Client Operations, TELUS

Increased digital interactions


Reduced inbound agent interactions

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Behavioral Science

Symend moves beyond demographic and transactional segmentation. Symend’s consumer engagement archetypes consider psychology and human behavior as the starting point for real, effective human-like communication.

Data Science

Symend eliminates the need for A/B testing. Through data, we know how to best engage with individuals before the first communication is sent. No A/B testing means we can optimize for 100% of your audience.


Symend uses “Rapid Optimization” and look-a-like modelling to constantly evaluate, test, and learn contact preferences to match individuals with the right communication archetype and engagement channel for the specific moment.

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