Case Study

SnoPUD Case Study: Powering Up Customer Engagement

Dive into Snohomish PUD’s transformative journey, where empathy meets cutting-edge digital personalization, to offer unparalleled customer experiences and set new benchmarks in the Electric Utilities industry.

Download the SnoPUD case study to learn how Symend can empower you to foster active engagement and drive positive outcomes, even in the most demanding situations.

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Company Description

SnoPUD is the second-largest public utility in Washington and ranks 12th in the U.S., serving over 373,000 homes and businesses with electric service in Snohomish County. Beyond its size, SnoPUD is renowned for its commitment to the community, blending Public Power traditions with innovative digital personalization to meet modern customer needs. As a forward-thinking utility provider, SnoPUD consistently evolves, emphasizing community-centric values while harnessing the latest digital trends.

Industry Profile

Electric Utilities