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Breakthrough the digital noise and stand out to your customers using the science of engagement™.

With Symend’s Behavioral Engagement Technology™, break through the digital noise with a solution that is as sophisticated and effective as it is simple and agile.

Symend’s Technology and proven playbooks are designed to help you maintain control of your business.

Benefits of Symend

Leverage insights of tens of millions of customers

Improve time-to-cure with fewer outreaches to reduce inbound calling, outbound calling and roll rates.

Exceed industry standard open and click-through rates

Improve open rates up to 3 times and click-through rates up to 4 times the industry standard for financial services through fewer and more effective outreaches.

Create better customer experiences

All customer touchpoints – even tough conversations – are opportunities to build stronger relationships.

Achieve your goals faster with fewer outreaches

Send relevant and hyper-personalized messaging to your customers – at the right time using the digital channels they prefer.

Adapt and evolve seamlessly

Show your customers you understand by matching the pace of their changing needs, preferences and behaviors.

Take full control of your brand

Access playbooks grounded in proven consumer treatments that are configurable and continuously optimized to solve for your critical KPIs like increasing offer uptakes.

2 – 3

reduction in roll rates to +90-day delinquencies


higher click-through rate vs. industry benchmark


improvement in cure rate for alternative lenders

Why work with us

With Symend’s Technology, we’ve worked with major multinational banks to help bring them closer to their customers, digitally.

Symend is making it easier for customers to interact with us and enhancing their experience. Symend’s Technology is driving massive value to the organization.

a major multinational bank

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Behavioral Engagement Playbooks™

Powered by Symend’s Technology, our Behavioral Engagement Playbooks are proven engagement strategies that are modular, scientific solutions optimized to solve specific business problems at various points in the customer journey.

Create a customer experience that exceeds expectations